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Alum Treatment of Stormwater Basin
NASECA-WI Member Event

Overview of Event

Tuesday, May 14-Thursday, May 16, 2019
Wisconsin Brewing Company
Verona, WI

Program Details
Harvey Harper, Environmental Research & Design, Inc. was contracted to treat the 8 acre stormwater pond at Wisconsin Brewing Company for blue-green algae. This pond is a popular feature of the property and is used for a number of events throughout the year and almost daily by visitor’s dogs. Harper worked with the City of Verona, DNR, and several consultants who  obtained permits and a generous grant from Dane County for the project, among other things.

Harper has treated many inland waters of Florida with alum since the 1980’s, including Lakes Ella and Apopka. He treated the Wisconsin Brewing Company pond with Aluminum Chloride. This product works rapidly to create an inert floc which is immune to normal fluctuations and redox potential. In addition to binding with phosphorus and organic materials, it also binds to any heavy metals. Once the floc sinks, it forms the more stable gibbsite.

Harper noted the benefits of using alum for the treatment of stormwater as:

  • Low cost (approx. $0.50-$1.00/gallon)
  • It has the lowest mass removal cost for TN, TP, and TSS of any BMP
  • Removes bacteria

Want to hear more about the results of this project? Email us at with your interest and we may be able to present more information.

Event Photos

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