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2017 Winter Erosion Control Compliance Training

Overview of Event

Erosion Control and Stormwater – Product University
September 21, 2017
Wisconsin Indianhead Technical College/American Excelsior Company ErosionLab, Rice Lake, WI

Course Description

The 2017 NASECA Rice Lake Field Day will provide you an opportunity to see, touch, and learn about a wide array of erosion control and stormwater products.  The afternoon field day will include live manufacturer/representative demonstrations of how new and proven products should be properly utilized, installed, and inspected. Recommended installation guidelines will be presented to further your understanding of why proper installation is critical for product performance. Inspectors will gain the knowledge needed to properly inspect product installation and understand if that product is properly designed into the project.

Attendees will also be able to view a water movement demonstration which will provide side-by-side comparisons of what sheer stress levels products are classified to handle and how the Wisconsin Product Acceptability List (PAL) classifications compare to sheer stress levels. This event will be a great opportunity to learn about new products, develop a better understanding of “tried and true” products, and give you confidence in understanding how a multitude of erosion control and stormwater products will perform when properly utilized and installed in the field.

Classroom Presentations

Wisconsin PAL Roundtable
Panel discussion (Leo Holm, Resource Professionals Alliance; Scott Bordeau, Hanes Companies; Wendy Braun, Wisconsin DOT)

Blending Hard and Soft Armoring for Shoreline Restoration
Eric Seidl, Agrecol

Additives for Erosion Control and Stormwater
Jan Kucher, PE, Water Resources Engineer and Eric Rortvedt, PE, Wisconsin DNR

History of Erosion Control
Gil Layton, Layton Consulting; John Merthan, American Excelsior Company

Field Event Demonstrations

  • Curlex Bloc Filter Station
  • Erosion Control and Stormwater Product Demonstration
    View a wide array of products and learn proper installation and inspection techniques; develop an understanding of how these products are best utilized in project design.  Confirmed:

    • American Excelsior Company- Curlex Bloc Filter Station
    • Agrecol- Native Vegetated Mat
    • Small wall demo with Envirolok units
    • Silt Sock Erosion Control Products- Silt Sock
    • Advanced Drainage Systems (ADS-Pipe)- Flexstorm Inlet Filters
    • County Materials Corporation- Cleaning techniques using permeable pavers 
    • Hanes Geo Components
    • SetterTech- StapleSetters
  • Live Demonstration of what various shear stress levels look like in a channel. Watch water flow at various sheer stress thresholds and develop an understanding of how these sheer stress levels relate to Wisconsin PAL classifications and product placement.
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